Posted by: Geoff | March 11, 2013

Stormy sea

Stormy sea Llandudno

Another wild and windy day in Llandudno today, this is a view of the Great Orme and Pier at 11am this morning.


  1. Looks like the roiling seas got angry at something or someone! Scary but beautiful!

  2. That does look stormy–a lot of sand has been churned up in that wave!

  3. That does look like a lot of sand and they have just started to replace it.There’s always a constant battle with Mother Nature!Still,it looks like a bracing day in Llandudno.Just right for a quick walk before coffee time!

  4. I can see how choppy the water is!!

  5. Those waves appear to be churning up a load of sand. This photo is beautiful.

  6. Not a nice day for a stroll on the beach!

  7. Wild and windy but perfect for a bracing walk! (And I also see the need to replace sand)

  8. I was in llandudno this weekend and I was going to brave the pier but I’m afraid it was just too cold. Hopefully I will visit your shop next time. As always, a very good photograph.

    • Hope you enjoyed your week-end despite the cold.

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