Posted by: Geoff | March 7, 2013

Topping up the sand on Llandudno’s North Shore

Llandudno beach work

Sand being deposited and spread onto the North Shore beach yesterday afternoon, presumably after being transported over from the West Shore.

This particular stretch, heading back in the direction I took the photo from, is where the donkeys provide rides in the Summer.



  1. That’s a purposeful little digger shot against a lovely soft background of greys and creams.It’s good to know that Llandudno goes to such trouble to provide a sandy beach for its visitors.

  2. getting ready for summer visitors! ha, donkey rides on the beach! never heard of that before! how fun šŸ™‚

  3. I can’t believe they actually move sand from one beach to another. Funny!

  4. You may have a similar problem to our beach problem here in Florida. Every time we have a big storm, or especially a hurricane, the beaches wash away and millions of dollars are spent replenishing them. Must be done, though, as tourism brings in beaucoup bucks in this state.

    I must also say, I don’t think they give rides, but we have a lot of asses on our beaches, too!

  5. Love the texture contrasts of the buildings, sand, sky and machinery, yet the colours go so well together!

  6. A lot of work ahead and hope it gets done in time for the warm season! (Coldplay’s Yellow would indeed be a perfect theme song, haha!)

  7. Lots of work to do before the tourists come!

  8. I guess even charming old towns need backhoes.

  9. Seems like a huge operation. I hope it helps.

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