Posted by: Geoff | March 5, 2013

Sunny Llandudno

Llandudno Pier from the Happy Valley

Looking out to sea on another sunny Spring day, from the Happy Valley.



  1. what a neat looking lamp post!

  2. The sort of photograph that sets the blood racing.Everything is poised on the edge of Spring.Sun,sea,a pristine pier and daffodils.The lamp needs a picture of its own!Will be there on 17th March. Have started the countdown!

    • I’m heading in your direction around then Barbara, hope the snow has all gone!

      • Snow all gone except in the high hills.Many signs of Spring.Hope you get some good pictures.Call in for a cuppa when you next come over.In the meantime we will be enjoying Llandudno!

  3. Love the daffodils around the lamp! I totally agree with Barbara…looks like spring could arrive in full any day now. Not so in Ohio–we’re expecting 5″ of snow today 😦

    • Hopefully it won’t last for long!

  4. Great composition … it forces the eye right around the curve out to the end of the pier and beyond. Love everything about this – the whiteness of the pier, the beautiful sky, the water…it’s just great! And that lamp – it’s standing as a witness to all this fact, it’s a little bowled over by all the beauty! 😉

  5. Beautiful! Makes long for some fresh, sea air!

  6. Those daffodils are just the icing on a gorgeous picture! You’ve got me hopeful for spring (though it may be a while for us:)

  7. It looks just like that here today too although no daffodils yet!

  8. What a lovely day to be outdoors! I hope it’s not too cold. Nice addition of the lamp post in your shot.

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