Posted by: Geoff | March 4, 2013

Take a tour

Llandudno Tour Buses (Large)

With the return of spring comes the return of the red open top tour bus. The vintage bus in the foreground, meanwhile, tours the Great Orme year round, even through the snow.


  1. I love that vintage bus!

  2. That would be great tourism shot!

  3. Looks just the perfect sunny day to take a trip in the Miss Marple bus.

  4. This is such a nice photo…got very interesting subjects, the buses and that gorgeous white building in the background, great colors and I really like the way the Grand Hotel is sticking its neck up to the sky behind the buses!

  5. So many great things in this – the buses, hotel, sky…I especially love that the vintage bus runs year round! Good looking fellow, that one:)

  6. I bet you look forward to seeing the red bus return to the roads each spring just like I look forward to seeing tulips.

  7. I am torn on which one to take. If I was a local, I would be happy to see these in operations knowing spring/summer weather is just around the corner.

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