Posted by: Geoff | February 18, 2013

Half term in Llandudno

Llandudno Half Term Beach

While most of the Welsh children have returned to school, half term is now underway for many English schools.  It’s a good opportunity to come to Llandudno and enjoy the sunshine.  Although as Dickens wrote in Great Expectations (about the weather in March): “it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade”.


  1. That sounds very familiar. It seems that the desert works the same way. It can feel like summer in the sun but, sitting in the shade you get chilly very quickly.

  2. It is like that here right now even with the snow on the ground. The sun is so strong and yet if you go into the shade it is still -5˚C and feels it.

  3. Well, this is the second time Dickens has come up in my day. A sign, perhaps, I need to go back to his works…Meantime, lovely beach-scape – the blues so mesmerizing. (PS I loved your Sleepy Hollow-ish comment!)

  4. I’d choose this lovely beach for a walk by those blue waters followed by a quick visit to the nearest coffee bar to warm up.Coming to Llandudno next month.Am counting the days!

  5. I’m there at the weekend – hold that sunshine for me !

  6. Great quote. It’s not summer here in the sun or the shade. The blues in this photo are so appealing!

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