Posted by: Geoff | February 14, 2013

Waiting for a bite

Fishing Great Orme Llandudno

A lonely fisherman tries his luck off the Great Orme.



  1. From this vantage point, that looks like a frightening place to go fishing. I mean a big fish could pull you right off the mountain and into the water! Yikes!

  2. Like Lowell I’m worried for this fisherman,a tiny dot of red in the bottom third of the picture.It looks to be an invigorating day in Llandudno and your picture helps me share it.

  3. I wonder if he had any luck!

  4. It looks a bit chilly out there to me!

  5. Oh, wonderful capture – I could look out at that expansiveness forever (well, I suppose you get to :)). Love the sense of scale!

  6. good thing he wore that bright jacket or we might have missed him! amazing how tiny he is waaaaayyyyy down there!

  7. I hope he caught tons of fish since he’s the only one out there.

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