Posted by: Geoff | February 13, 2013

Llandudno Welcomes You – Croeso

Llandudno Welcomes You sign

This is the new look sign welcoming people to Llandudno at the top of Penrhyn Hill, the old sign can be seen here.



  1. Twice welcome!That’s a lovely greeting.Can’t wait for my next Llandudno holiday.

  2. They seem to have not done much more than replace the directional arrow

  3. i like that they kept it the same, didn’t modernize it…but what does croeso mean?

  4. Ah, so croeso means “welcome”!

  5. That looks like quite a brilliant welcome sign.

  6. Too bad the arrow had to go. Still, the vintage sign hasn’t been completely sacrificed–kind of a tasteful “Welcome to Llandudno Vegas” look.

  7. I’m glad they havent changed it too much – I used to be so excited when I saw the sign when I was little knowing I was almost there ( its still the same now if I’m honest !! )

    • It’s the same for me too and the sun always seemed to shine when we were in Llandudno!

  8. I like that it hasn’t changed drastically, lovely sign and welcome to a beautiful corner of the world!

  9. It’s nice that they have kept it basically the same!

  10. The new sign is a bit more elegant, perhaps, but otherwise, not that different. I don’t see the “bilingual” thing, tho, except perhaps for the word, “Croeso.”

  11. I wonder if it lights up at night like a neon sign.

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