Posted by: Geoff | February 11, 2013

‘The Queen of Welsh Resorts’

Marine Hotel Llandudno

Just came across a new article on the BBC News website (click here to read it) about the visit to Llandudno by Queen Elisabeth of Romania.  She stayed at the Adelphi Hotel for five weeks in 1890.  The hotel is now called the Marine Hotel, and is pictured above in an image taken this morning.



  1. must be very luxurious!

  2. That’s a beautiful building and an interesting piece of history. The only queens we get in Ocala are queen bees!

  3. It must be a good place to stay if a Queen stayed there for five weeks.

  4. A fascinating story.She had the discernment and good taste to pick Llandudno.

  5. A lovely seaside hotel!

  6. I would SO love to have the beach all to myself and let my furry friend run crazy…thanks for sharing.

  7. I bet the queen enjoyed her stay there. Five weeks would make a lovely vacation beside the sea!

  8. So stately and deserving of the name. I love that there are still street names connected to the queen of Romania’s visit!

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