Posted by: Geoff | February 3, 2013

Storm across the water

West Shore View Llandudno

The view from the path from the Haulfre Gardens to the West Shore yesterday afternoon. Rain clouds gathered further down the coast, but it was sunny and still in Llandudno.



  1. Waiting for the weather.That pewter sea,sky and the silhouettes of the watchers create a very atmospheric picture.

  2. A lovely place to stop and watch

  3. What a view! I’d enjoy watching the storm build off in the distance.

  4. What a perfect spot to watch a storm. MB

  5. Nice symmetry in this composition. Looks very peaceful.

  6. My friend’s father has headed on a bus tour to Llandudno for the week so I hope the storms stay away!

    • The weather is set fair for this week so hopefully he will have a great time!

  7. A lovely feeling of peace. I wouldn’t mind watching storms from here.

  8. Beautiful.

  9. There is an anticipation waiting for an approaching storm.

  10. Haulfre gardens are one of the most inspirational places to sit and enjoy the sensational views. You have captured the moment beautifully, here.

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