Posted by: Geoff | January 26, 2013

Snow? What snow?

North Shore Picture Shop on Llandudno Pier 2013

While most of the UK is swathed in a blanket of snow, Llandudno today is mild and sunny, as can be seen in this picture of our shop on Llandudno Pier.




  1. Oh,to be in Llandudno…. We are digging ourselves out here in the Lakes!

    • Wandering around town tonight it feels warmer than it was in August, very unusual!

  2. This much snow in North Yorkshire !!

  3. It looks almost balmy! It is sunny here today too and we are up to -3˚C which is way better than it has been all week!

    • It feels like about 15c here tonight, very mild. Although the wind is forecast to whip up later.

  4. I wouldn’t mind being there right now! We’re finally getting some winter weather, though most of our season looked like this!

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