Posted by: Geoff | January 24, 2013

Up close

Great Orme goat Llandudno

Spotted this very friendly goat on my walk around the Orme yesterday morning, obviously more than happy to pose for a photo!



  1. Crikey – they usually run a mile ! You did well and he is very handsome !

  2. Hello folks!What a happy shot.Would make good postcard.

  3. oh my gosh, how cute!

  4. o that is so lovely

  5. What a cute little guy. He seems to be smiling for you!

  6. The camera loves those goats! I wonder, are they native to the Orme and what affect they have on the environment–are they like the wild horses in the States that overgraze the native plants?

    • Apparently they are descendants from a pair given to Lord Mostyn by Queen Victoria and originate from Kashmir in the northwest of India. At present there are around 150 and they have roamed wild on the Great Orme for over a century.

      • What a fascinating history. If those Kashmirian cuties do any harm, they’re worth it, I’d think.

  7. What a great photo. Striking a pose just for you.

  8. What a sweetheart! I was fascinated by your comment on the goat’s history too, This one’s a very handsome fellow.

  9. He does look quite pleased to pose for you!

  10. Lucky find! Lucky goat to be clad in a cashmere jumper.

  11. C o o l

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