Posted by: Geoff | January 16, 2013

World’s best service at Lauriston Court

Llandudno and Promenade North Wales

A lofty view of the promenade. Just right of shot, amongst the pastel coloured buildings, is Lauriston Court Hotel which was named yesterday by TripAdvisor as ‘best in the world for service’. Click here to read more about the award (and to see some of our images of the hotel).



  1. Well done Lauriston Court !

  2. Wales has been on my bucket list forever!! This will be great I can live it through you☺ Your newest follower.

  3. That’s a marvellous achievement.It will certainly put Llandudno on the map!

  4. That looks fabulous! When I think of some of the dumps I have stayed at in London for way more $$ than that, I could cry. I think I will have to come visit and stay there.

  5. What an amazing place! Like RedPat, I’ve paid so much more to stay in places that are so much…less, sigh. PS, I loved the Intimate Woods suggestion!:)

  6. What a clean and modern place to stay! The view must be fantastic from there.

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