Posted by: Geoff | January 8, 2013


Marine Drive Llandudno

A view looking along Marine Drive at 10am this morning. The Rest and be Thankful Cafe is just visible in the distance.

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  1. I love the name of that cafe! I guess by the time you climb all the way up there you need to rest and have a lot to be thankful for…are those goats on the left?

    • No goats, just rocks. Given the grey, drizzly weather today, I think the goats were probably eating in the cafe 😉

  2. It looks very lonely and mysterious in the grey drizzle. Is the cafe open in winter?

    • Yes, the cafe stays open and always seems to have customers in when I go past!

  3. It looks like a day to sit in a cafe.

  4. Get the kettle on!

  5. I’ll join the goats for a cup of coffee. I love the Cafe’s name.

  6. Nice to know a nice warm cafe is just around the bend.

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