Posted by: Geoff | January 3, 2013

Top of the Orme

Summit Complex and Tram Station Great Orme Llandudno North Wales

The Summit Complex seen from the highest point of the Great Orme, 679 feet above sea level. This building was constructed in 1909 as a golf club house to serve a nearby 18 hole golf course. It later became a hotel and during the Second World War was requisitioned by the RAF and used as a radar station. In 1952 the complex was bought by former World Middleweight Champion boxer Randolph Turpin and his partner Leslie Salts. Turpin sold the complex to Llandudno Urban District Council in 1961. Prior to this building, in the 19th century, the site used to house a semaphore station. Click here for more information.



  1. A lot of interesting information for us to-day.Thanks for making the climb.

  2. what great views it must have had as a hotel!

  3. Well, I never…

  4. The place has had a quite a long history……and still has a wonderful view.

  5. It’s very impressive. What is it being used for now?

    • There is a cafe, amusement arcade, gift shop and bar… named after Randolph Turpin, Randy’s Bar. Also, the building left of shot is the summit tram station and information centre.

  6. Very interesting past. I think I would like to stay there when it was a hotel.

  7. There is a statue of the nowadays rather neglected Randolph Turpin in the centre of Warwick.

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