Posted by: Geoff | December 5, 2012

Bright & breezy

The Great Orme Llandudno North Wales

A bright and breezy view of the Great Orme, taken from the Little Orme end of the promenade this morning.




  1. excellent shot! we are grey and rainy here today…oh well!

  2. I can feel the breeze…look at the waves! I don’t know what the temperature was but it probably felt colder than the number showed with that wind!

  3. I thought those waves were snow drifts at first!

  4. Passed this bracing scene this morning on the way home from a break in Llandudno. It was hard to leave. Regard Llandudno as my second home and a daily picture from Geoff is something to look forward to.Keep them coming.

    • Good to see you again, and many thanks for your kind comments!

  5. These daily photos are something to look forward to. Another beautiful scene x

    • It’s good to know that you enjoy seeing them!

  6. Ahh, the other direction today. Lots of beautiful fluffy clouds!

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