Posted by: Geoff | December 1, 2012

Rest and be thankful

Great Orme bench view Llandudno North Wales

Taken a few days ago, this bench can be found not too far from the Rest and Be Thankful cafe, roughly half way around Marine Drive on the Great Orme.

As you can see, the bench offers not only a place to sit and rest but also spectacular views towards the Isle of Man and Ireland.



  1. A little oasis of calm.

  2. Yes, I agree.

  3. Ah, this is really nice. And being close to a cafe makes it even better. Lois Anne’s grandfather on her mother’s side came to the U.S. from the Isle of Man. Actually, he stopped here on his way to Australia, but met the woman who would become his wife and decided to stay!

  4. Someday….I’m going to go back to Llandudno and sit on that bench! I hope the cafe stays there too!

  5. Wonderful! Wish I was there!

  6. Mum and Dat used to own Rest and be Thankful from about 1960 to 1990, Great Orme a really great place to be

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