Posted by: Geoff | November 29, 2012

Moonlit bay

Taken last night, a full moon spills over the bay. In the distance, floodlights provide a splash of illumination on the Little Orme.

Visit our Facebook page (click here) to see another image of the moon over Llandudno.



  1. This picture invites a walk in the moonlight. Lovely cloud formation.

  2. This is superb! How did you do it? That sky is so dramatic. It would make a great Halloween poster!

    We’ve consolidated all or our blogs and invite you to visit our new one at:

    • 1/4000 shutter speed, I wasn’t carrying a tripod so I couldn’t use bulb mode and just ‘speeded’ things up a little. Great new blog!

  3. Cool pic–Dali visits Llandudno!

  4. What a cool effect with the moon’s light on the clouds and the floodlights on the earth!

  5. Very nice Geoff I love what you have done here.

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