Posted by: Geoff | November 17, 2012

Santa’s Grotto in The Victoria Centre, Llandudno

Alice In Wonderland in Santa's Grotto The Victoria Centre Llandudno North Wales

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party on the way into Santa’s Grotto in the Victoria Centre. As you can see, the Grotto has an Alice In Wonderland theme.

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  1. Milk. No sugar. I’d like a slice of cake too.

    • Apparently the cake is real, baked by a local lady!

  2. Cute! And it reminds me what I’ve said to the moronic “Tea Partyers” here in the States: Tea parties are for little girls and mad hatters.”

    A request: I’d love to use this photo on another blog of mine. With your permission?

  3. If you’re willing to allow me to use the photo, just say “Yes” and send it to

    Thank you!!!

    • No problem at all, just emailed you.

  4. Very suitable for your town!

  5. Everyone is having a joyous celebration. I hope you were invited. 🙂

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