Posted by: Geoff | November 7, 2012

Enjoying the view


View over Llandudno Bay

Looking down the tram track towards the North Shore at 11.20am this morning, this couple have obviously paused to admire the view.


  1. And what a view it is! I hope they don’t get run over by a train, though! 🙂

    • The trams have finished for the year now, so hopefully they made it up or down safely!

  2. Why do the trams not keep running when on days like this the weather is no worse than in the summer ? Is it a positive commercial decision?

    • I imagine it’s a combination of things, essential maintenance probably needs to be carried out on the trams and the whole system. And given there are relatively very few holidaymakers in the resort from November until Spring, winter is the ideal time to carry out this work.

  3. Happy memories of climbing up that tram-track. We go up in the car now !
    However , it’s still a marvellous view .

    • It always takes an effort to walk up to the top of the Orme, whatever your age!

  4. Glad the trams have stopped – I immediately thought they were in danger too!

  5. I just googled the trams and watched the video – terrific views, great trams.

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