Posted by: Geoff | November 6, 2012

The 2012 Llandudno fireworks


The weather was perfect for the Llandudno firework display last night, hardly a breath of wind and not a drop of rain.

The fireworks were set off from the Pier, which is seen partly illuminated from the explosions captured above and in the sea below the deck.

Congratulations to all involved for putting on such a spectacular show.


  1. What a great picture the detail exemplifies your great talents. As you say congratulations to everyone including the local council a great show!

  2. OH! Beautiful!

  3. Okay! I was hoping to get to see these fireworks. And you did a great job…it’s not always easy to get good fireworks photos! These are superb! Must have been great fun. So nice you have good weather, too!

  4. Wow ! Palm trees and stars.You’re a clever lad.

  5. I was there over the weekend – so disappointed they weren’t on the Saturday like last year as they were fantastic – looks like this years didn’t disappoint either !

  6. Super shot! You were at a great location to catch the action & include your pier.

  7. Would have loved to be there xxx

  8. Nice to have some cooperative weatherpeople! Great shot.

  9. Great picture Geoff, very nicely done. What a great idea to have them on the pier.

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