Posted by: Geoff | November 1, 2012

Swans on the West Shore


Boating Lake swans West Shore Llandudno North Wales

These swans, seen yesterday morning, have obviously decided the boating lake is a liitle too choppy to swim in.

However, if you take a close look just above and to the left of the bench you can see a seagull about to land and brave the chilly water.



  1. Is the White Rabbit memorial back there yet ?

    • I honestly can’t say I noticed, so I’m guessing it isn’t. However, the next time I’m over there I’ll double check and let you know.

      • Checked yesterday, no rabbit memorial yet I’m afraid.

  2. Stately but cold looking birds and a picture to carry home with us after a lovely Llandudno holiday and a first visit to the little kiosk on the pier.

  3. Are they on there way back home having just beaten Liverpool?

    • They must have been on their way, it was actually taken before they kicked off. The rest of the ‘players’ were probably getting refreshments in The Lilly, just behind where I took the photo from! 😉

  4. I think you’d have to be a tough old bird to weather the weather where you are!

  5. I used to subscribe to the idea that ducks did not mind rain, but having watched them on the local canal they do not like torrential rain and go off elsewhere. So I guess these beautiful swans are similar in bad weather.

  6. I can’t blame them for not heading into that water! It must be a swan day in the blogosphere.

  7. It’s definitely a swan day in blogosphere – the 3rd post I’ve seen today, and all Tundra’s or, where you are, Bewick’s. Gorgeous birds.

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