Posted by: Geoff | October 24, 2012

Harvey’s American Restaurant, Llandudno

Harvey's New York Bar & Grill American Restaurant Mostyn Street Llandudno

What we wrote originally: Opening later this week on Mostyn Street, Harvey’s New York Bar & Grill.  This image was taken yesterday evening, when the furniture was being arranged.

Update with more info (1 November, 7.30pm): We know that this post has been extremely popular, so we went in tonight to ask for a menu with the aim of bringing you more information about the food, opening times and so on. Even though we explained how many visitors this blog has, they wouldn’t give us a menu. Hmmm…However, we managed to glean a few things from the out-of-bounds menu so here’s a taster:

There are sharing platters, burgers, surf & turf, pizzas and steak.  Items include ribs at £11.99, beef burgers from £7.99, chicken Caesar salad from £10.99 and pizzas from £7.99.  There’s also a kids’ menu with burgers and macaroni cheese but sadly we don’t know how much these dishes are.  We didn’t see anything for vegetarians in the quick glance we had.

Hope this helps! If you’ve been to Harvey’s, or have any further information, please add it in the comments below. There doesn’t seem to be a Harvey’s website, so any information that we can all glean together will help our fellow Llandudno-ites.  Thank you!




  1. Not sure what makes a bar & grill New Yorkish, but I guess it’s a nice addition to the Llandudno scene. I’m confident, though, that we here in St. Louis, USA, have a better deal with our Llywelen’s Pub, an excellent Welsh bar and restaurant.

    • I don’t think we have any ‘Welsh’ pubs in Llandudno, there are one or two Irish ones though!

      • Well, I’ll be. Their website reads Llywelen’ Pub/Celtic for good times. I guess I was fooled by their huge Welsh flag and a menu that offers Welsh Chips, Welsh Rarebit and Llywelen’s Dragon Ale (among many other offerings, esp. Irish). It’s still fun to fantasize about being in Wales when I’m there.

  2. Personally I think that’s the last thing you need on your street.

    • The way things are over here at the moment, I think any new business ventures are to be applauded and welcomed with open arms!

  3. I wonder what makes it a “New York Bar & Grill,” though…A very fine night photo!

  4. All I know of New York is from the movies and the stories from Kitty and Brian Dubé on the city daily photo network, so I guess I could be easily convinced.

  5. I’m not sure what new York style is either but when I see it, I know it.
    I was watching an old episode of “Coast” last might and the visited Llandudno and your pier! I felt like I knew the place.

    • At home we love that episode 🙂

  6. went there a couple of nights, waited about an hour for the food, which was overpriced. bought milkshakes at the bar, then they charged us on the bill at the end aswel.. shocking service.. staff dont have a clue. unless they sort prices out and keep it simple its going to be shut down faster than the previous shops that have been there. no one can afford those prices for a burger!

  7. Just got back from Harvey’s , food and service great x would recommend the ribs x walked in at 6 pm and seated straight away , even though very busy x

  8. They don’t have a credit card machine, so you will need to take plenty of cash, the prices being what they are

  9. This is what my mate had to say about her visit to Harveys:

    ‘Went for tea to Harveys with my number one son (ok my only son ;)) When a young guy handed in his CV, the lad he handed it to waited for him to go, then Ripped It Up & Binned it, Infront of Everyone . . . Shocking wont be going there again !!!

    How nasty is that, and to be honest when I went on Friday I can’t say that any of the staff were people I recognised as local…..

  10. Only went once,never again!! Overpriced , staff surly,didn’t have a card machine, which should have been displayed on the door, this is one to avoid for sure

  11. We went on Saturday about 8pm 3 adults and one child – the food was terrible, the waitress was poorly trained, the toilets were filthy and when we complained the manager told the waitress to tell us in full earshot ‘ if they don’t like it then tell them f… off , he was obviously upset at the fact that 2 other couples had already complained about the food and walked out

    I presume he’s not local cause if he was he would realise that he needs the locals custom to survive

    Meal came to £63 for 3 cokes, 1 J20, I combo starter for 4 – £19.99 and 2 Mains really not worth it

    Plus side it’s fitted out nice and music was great

    • Got to the Cocoa House for lunch & The Kings Head for evening meal. You can’t go wrong at both places.

  12. I can’t believe they don’t want to be on your beautiful blog!!!

  13. Just been there tonight. Service was good and the food was good, portions were generous. A welcome High Street addition! Let’s have more!!

  14. I went here with a few friends a few Sundays ago, we went at 8pm at night found several waiting on staff and four tables of customers including ours, we were informed there would be a 10 minute wait before we were served only to wait 25 minutes before being served (Worth noting we weren’t offered drinks either).

    After waiting 25 minutes and seeing countless waiting on staff walk around aimlessly as if they had no idea what they were doing or where they where one member of staff took our order.

    £13.99 for my order consisted of the Harveys double and the smallest portion of fries I’ve ever seen. Sadly this wasn’t the worst of it, the wait of 25 minutes when we were told it would only be 10 minutes was nothing compared to the 1 hour wait for the food to turn up.

    Now I can say at this stage Harveys had only been open about 4 days but still when you have no customers in the place and you’re over staffed surely you can manage to get the frozen French fries into a chip pan and fry off burgers, this is basic stuff that doesn’t take an hour.

    All in all entry 8pm, food ordered 8:25pm, food arrived 9:30pm, asked for the bill 9:40pm total – £50.00 for 3 of us, I feel I would have had better value for money by burning a £50.00 note.

  15. I have visited the new ‘Harveys’ twice since its opened, i love it!!! yes they have had some issues with their card machine, but as the manager explained to me its the card machine companies fault and not the new owners. Its not cheap and horrible food like whetherspoons and it is not an a la carte restaurant, its a happy medium. Each time the food has been lovely, and milkshakes are yummy. They are a brand new restaurant so yes they will have some teething problems but come on locals of llandudno, give them a break, they havent even been opened a month yet!!! I found the staff to be very polite and attentive.

    • The key to good management is delegation and unfortunately the owners of this place have not a clue.

      They think they can provide a very poor standard of food/service for a high price and that their customers know no better. I paid £63 to be insulted and from the reviews on both here and trip advisor I am not the only one – the only way I would give this a second chance is if the owner/management changes.

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