Posted by: Geoff | October 17, 2012

A seat in the sun

Benches on Llandudno Pier North Wales

In complete contrast to the morning, yesterday afternoon saw bright blue skies and scudding clouds.

These benches sit beside the bar at the end of the Pier and provide panoramic views toward the Great Orme.



  1. That would be a terrific place to relax and let the sun wash over you! Can’t beat the view, either. Do people fish from this pier? We used to do a lot of pier fishing in south Florida.

    • Fishing is allowed on the pier, but only right at the very end!

  2. Gorgeous view, but not a boat on the water. No boaters in Wales?? 😀

    • Plenty of boats, but out at sea on the other side of the Orme rather than in the bay.

  3. Looks inviting, but I bet it is still a little cold to sit there too long. Thanks, I am still coughing, but hopefully will be better soon. And, yes, the space shuttle moving down the street was a big deal in California and a historical event. I wonder did you hear about it from where you live.

    • Coughs can be very persistant and annoying! And yes, the space shuttle was big news in the UK too.

  4. I love this shot! One of the best with the pier & the Orme I think.

  5. Lovely. I want to sit there.

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