Posted by: Geoff | September 30, 2012

Great Orme Road Race

Great Orme Road Race Rhos on Sea Cycling Club

Cyclists milling around the Happy Valley, waiting for the start of the Great Orme Road Race.  The race, which is organised by Rhos-on-Sea Cycling Club, is six-and-a-half laps of the Great Orme, no mean feat in today’s high winds and driving rain.

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  1. I “googled” the event, and for a moment thought it might be suitable for me, till I realized “senior” means top level, and not us old folks! It gives # of laps, but not how long each lap is, though I imagine that’s not information you locals need to ask. Been a cyclist all my life, though not a racer, and I love taking pictures at events like this.

  2. Yes I too am a very casual user of a bike, just a means of ambling around further than on foot.

  3. A rough day for a race!

  4. Paul, you don’t need an event to cycle round the Great Orme, I take my bike over every month when we visit Llandudno and spend a portion of my day cycling round.

    Most I’ve managed is 10, but did 4 last time. Takes around 24 minutes for me (its about 6 miles from start to start) to complete a circuit – there’s 540ft of climbing to get to the tea rooms, but after that – there’s 540ft of descending 🙂

    Its great exercise, and great fun 🙂

  5. It was a fantastic race. The support on the road from spectators was awesome. It will be happening again next year so get your training in from Spring onwards.

    There are loads of photos from the race to be found on the Rhos on Sea CC facebook page.

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