Posted by: Geoff | July 31, 2012

GB flowers

Olympic Floral Display Llandudno

Thanks to the heavy-handed approach of Locog, the Olympic organisers, there haven’t been many opportunities for Olympic or Team GB-themed displays.  So it was good to see such a beautiful arrangement on these steps.

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  1. I agree, think its less of a sporting event than just another commercial opportunity for the likes of Coke and Nike.

  2. A flowery path is always a nice place to walk. We’re watching the Olympics here also but most of what we see happened long before we get it! And I don’t know about some of the so-called Olympic “sports.” I mean, really, women’s volleyball? Oh, wait, that’s the one I like. In the sand! 🙂

  3. Maybe someone should make an Olympic documentary called “Big Shots Behaving Badly”. I just wish my country’s party-crasher, Mr. Romney, would have kept quiet and stopped to smell the roses–or the petunias, in this handsome photo.

  4. Well, whether we like it or not, the world comes together every 4 years to watch the same sports program. Or, every 2 years if you include the winter Olympics.

  5. It is live here in Canada on 3 TV stations all day so I have seen plenty of events. It certainly makes money for the Olympic company.

  6. Lovely idea. Very apt for our Jubilee and Olympic year :0)

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