Posted by: Geoff | July 3, 2012

A little peace and quiet

Fishing on the West Shore Llandudno North Wales

The West Shore at 9am this morning.

Very still and very quiet, ideal for a bit of fishing.

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  1. This photo really does capture a sense of calm and peace. I embiggened it and it is quite a panorama…with the fisherman we get a sense of size…is that that town in the background? Such a beautiful scene!

    • The town visible in the distance is probably Penmaenmawr. Llandudno town centre is about half a mile or so directy behind where I stood to take this photo.

  2. You’ve captured the mood very well. I remember early mornings like that on Long Beach Island, NJ: dark brooding clouds, the heavy smell of salt air, the rhythmic lull of a calm sea, and lone fishermen waiting for a catch. We didn’t have the dramatic backdrop of the Welsh coast though — just the open expanse of the Atlantic disappearing into a misty horizon.

  3. No rain! So peaceful with that ripple on the water!

    • Alas, the rain wasn’t long in arriving!

  4. Wouldn’t that just be so relaxing?

  5. Sounds like a near perfect day.

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