Posted by: Geoff | March 21, 2012

Sainsbury’s Llandudno open for business…

Sainsbury's Mostyn Street Llandudno

Sainsbury’s opened a Local store in Llandudno this morning, located on the site which was once a branch of  Woolworths.

Click here to browse our pictures of Llandudno


  1. Never noticed, until you shared this photo, what a nice building it is.

  2. The name, “Woolworth’s,” certainly conjures up a lot of memories. Those stores were everywhere when I was a kid. I’ve never heard of Sainsbury’s, though.

  3. I hope that is a good thing. Sainsbury’s certainly spends a lot of money on art over there.

  4. Ooooo cant wait to have a nosey round…….will certainly be cheaper than marks & sparks for a few bits whilst on our hols !!! Love a bit of Sainsbugs :0)

  5. I haven’t heard the name Woolworth’s in awhile. I missed that old store.

  6. I googled sainsburys because I saw a number of people wearing sainsbury uniform in the town centre about 3 weeks ago, thought it strange on a day out, in Llandudno in uniform!!!
    Will shop there while I am on holiday, which will be often.
    Love Sainsburys

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