Posted by: Geoff | February 28, 2012

Caffe Nero Llandudno

Caffe Nero Llandudno North Wales

Caffe Nero opened its doors in Llandudno for the first time, to paying customers, this morning.

Apparently ‘Caffe Nero’ is Italian for strong black coffee… I prefer decaff myself.

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  1. I’ll have a flat white to go, if you’re doing a coffee run 🙂

  2. It opened yesterday, was packed.

    • Apparently they opened it yesterday afternoon, with LOTS of freebies. Wasn’t quite as packed today… people had to pay!

    • Wasn’t it just a freebie/practice run yesterday afternoon? They said to me that today is the first official opening day.

      • That’s what the sign said on the door at the weekend, must have been a ‘soft opening’ or something for the staff. Today is the first full day proper!

  3. I’ll take the strong black coffee. Any scones?

    • I’m not sure they have scones… but they do have a wide selection of various muffins!

  4. I like coffee and drink a lot of it, but don’t like strong coffee. Tears up my stomach.

    Re the golf cart: I think you ought to buy one. It would be perfect for tooling around the Great Orme. You could get one with a double seat and book tours and make a bunch of money! Of course the tram might run you off a cliff into the sea!

    • I think it’s the goats that would present the biggest problem!

  5. I’m a tea person so I guess I’ll pass although I could handle a cafe au lait with a muffin!

  6. I think I might need to add some hot water or milk to dilute their strong coffee. Seems like a nice place with big windows to look out.

  7. they can always give you a milder coffee if you dont like strong coffee, all this means is they only put one shot instead of the two they use for there standard drinks.

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